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Mentorships in writing
Started by Emperor felciajane 4 years ago
I am a novice writer who is finding it very difficult to break into the writing industry. I am very frustrated as I do not have the extra income to support my writing aspirations. I know there are services that offer advice for payment but I was wondering if there are any mentor/mentoree programs that are focused on helping low income writers develop their stories and ideas.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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Emperor Lou Aronica replied 4 years ago...

We created this site for precisely that reason, as we know a lot of writers are in your situation. Can you give me some idea of what kind of help you're looking for?

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Emperor felciajane replied 4 years ago...

Hi Lou,
I am looking for help in creating a sustainable ending for my stories. I am able to generate a lot of story ideas and beginnings but I have a lot of trouble maintaining my focus to stick with one story to the end. I want to finish my stories but it seems like I am a hamster on a wheel.
I went to a writing conference which was helpful but overwhelming. I've been to a few writing groups but often have scheduling conflicts. I emailed an editing service but their services are out of my price range.
The core issue for me is I don't know if what I write is even worth trying to publish it. Or if I should even write at all.
I'm sure you've heard the newbie writing woes before; I just need to know if whether or not I'm wasting my time.
Thank you.

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Emperor Lou Aronica replied 4 years ago...


We're going to be putting up a session on storyboarding soon. That should help you with endings, as the storyboarding process allows you to pull together the progression of your story. As far as whether your work is worth publishing or not, the only way to find out is by putting something out there, either by submitting it to agents and publishers or by publishing yourself. In both cases, you're going to need to finish something first, though. If you e-mail be at I can get you a sneak peek of the storyboarding piece.


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