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Our Mission

AuthorsFirst was born from a simple notion: to create a home for writers created by writers who understood all of the iterations of the writer’s life. We get it, because we’ve been there. We’ve put every ounce of passion into a manuscript only to see the publishing world shrug at it. We’ve beaten the pavement looking for someone to champion our work. We’ve felt the joy of acceptance and an invitation into the professional writing world. We’ve put our books out into the market wondering if anyone was going to pay attention to them. We’ve suffered through awful reviews. We’ve celebrated great reviews. We’ve had books lay dormant, and we’ve had books become bestsellers. We understand that writing can be terribly solitary…and we know that it’s better if we aren’t all off on our separate islands.

We hope you’ll get a few things out of AuthorsFirst. Obviously, we hope you’ll get some good advice. We’ve put together an impressive collection of sessions from writers who are not only true professionals, but also truly care about the craft and the business of writing. We think you’ll see it in the quality of the sessions we’re offering – the exercises, the illustrations, and the perspective can be helpful to anyone interested in improving their work. We’ll be adding new sessions weekly, so keep checking back. Our 120-Second Writing Tips videos, which we’ll also keep rolling out, offer simple tricks that we think can help you make big improvements fast.

We also hope you’ll get an opportunity. We created our novel and short story contests because we want to offer writers a forum for being discovered by giving them access to a panel of readers genuinely enthusiastic about reading what they’ve created. We’re enormously excited about the entries we’re going to receive to these contests. We know the winners are going to be unforgettable and we have a feeling that picking winners is going to be awfully tough.

Most of all, we hope you’ll get a sense of community. AuthorsFirst is a place you can visit all the time to be part of the “writing tribe.” Watch a video, try out a couple of sessions, and very definitely get involved in the forum. Post a question or comment on one that’s already there. If you’re as interested in the writing life as we are, we invite you to participate in the conversation.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see. If you have a suggestion for a session, we’ll be happy to consider it. You can reach out to us here.

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